The Venice International Foundation is a non profit organisation, established on 15 November 1996 with headquarters in the Ca' Rezzonico Museum of Eighteenth Century Art.

The Association promotes cultural, as well as study, research and informational activities, with particular reference to the activities and initiatives of the Venetian Civic Museums. On the basis of two agreements established with the Municipality of Venice and the Direction of Venetian Civic Museums, the Venice International Foundation promotes the image of the Venetian Civic Museums, including through the involvement in or the financing of specific marketing and merchandising projects; widens the range and publicises the activities and the cultural services performed by the Venetian Civic Museums or organised within these; raises funds to distribute for the financing of the activities of the Venetian Civic Museums for the actuation of the specific projects.

The Venice International Foundation is one of the Private International Organisations for the Safeguarding of Venice of the Unesco Program and works under the sponsorship of the Veneto Region. With decree number 41/13.300-d on 12 July 1999 of the Veneto Regional Council, has obtained the recognition of the legal status of private rights according to the article 12 and the following of the Civil Code and the article 14 of the dpr 24.7.1977 number 616. Due to this recognition, the liberal endowments carried out by the company for the purchase, maintenance, or restoration of works of art deposited are completely deductible from the company earnings. The liberal endowments made by natural persons are included, rather, in the norms relative to deductions for contributions.

The Venice International Foundation does not receive any government financing and is supported through:

• member dues
• donations
• "cause related marketing"

The editorial office of the Venice International Foundation publishes, on a four-monthly basis, a News Letter intended for the members and the friends of the Association, to inform about the cultural events, the activities and projects happening in Venice. To receive the News Letter free of charge, request it at the Editorial Office of the Venice International Foundation at Ca' Rezzonico (tel.-fax: 041 2774840, e-mail:
veniceinter@tin.it ).